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Better Building Challenge

US Department EnergyThe US Department of Energy developed the “Better Building Challenge” in 2011 in effort to reduce traditional lighting in favor of LED.

Updating to LED has several perks such as reduced maintenance/ownership cost, energy savings, and reduction of carbon emissions. These savings call allow businesses to reinvest capital into several different programs that may have otherwise been ignored. LCCI is committed to assisting our clients in their energy reduction efforts. What could energy savings do for you?

Lighting and your Health

Have you ever wondered how light can affect your health?

health lighting impactFrom sleep to medical recovery our environment plays a critical role. Research in the past several years have found that mimicking the bodies internal rhythm with lighting can improve medical recovery, sleep, decrease depression, and even lower agitation in dementia patients. Furthermore lighting can effect productivity and focus which furthers the need for circadian rhythm in education and office environment. In 2016 LCCI has focused on offering tunable LED options to compliment circadian rhythm. Currently LCCI is involved with such a project with a major Cincinnati hospital to provide such lighting in the surgical trauma recovery wing. Read More about Lighting and Your Health:


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